Jun 19, 2011

Summer 11 Features - Part 1 (Enhanced Profile User Interface)

Enhanced Profile User Interface brings a new way of creating, editing and viewing user profiles. Existing profile interface groups together settings and permission by type in a long scrolling detail page for example page layout assignment for all object are grouped in one section, field level security settings in another and object permissions in another. This involves a lot of scrolling and visits to modify multiple sections.

How to enable "Enhanced Profile User Interface" : Set Up > App Set Up > Customize > User Interface > Check "Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface"

Enabling enhanced profile user interface addresses these limitations which provides a clean overview page from where you can easily access the setting and permissions you need.

For example "Find Setting" box at the top let you quickly find the objects tabs and permissions you want to view or modify.

Similarly "Apps" and "System" section have different gain grounds.

Key benefits of enhanced profile user interface :

1) Quickly find individual settings and permissions (Using Find Settings at top)
2) Easily set up profiles for users with a particular job role.
3) Quickly modify settings and permissions for new custom objects



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