Nov 27, 2011

Social Contacts - Winter'12 Feature

Social Contacts - an awesome feature of winter'12. With Social Contacts you can view contact's social network profile in salesforce with just BUTTON CLICKS.

Some key points :

1) Easy access to contact's information, which indeed help in building strong relationships
2) Can view social information from several networks like "Twitter" , "Facebook" , "LinkedIn" (beta) etc
3) Saves time to login to other sites and view the information

To setup Social Contacts go to Setup > App Setup > Customize > Social Contacts > Settings > Enable all and click Save. We are ready to go.

Steps to follow :

1) Go to any contact

2) Click on Twitter icon 

3) Click "Sign in to Twitter"

4) It will show you the page with possible match
5) Select a profile, it will show the details of thr profile. Isn't that awesome?
To check the Security and Privacy when using Social Contacts, please refer : Social Contact Overview


  1. This is really awesome.However its not applicable to my override visualforce page for tabbed contact view.Could you have an idea of a work around on how i can try and implement it on my overridden page?

  2. Hi how would i add social contacts to my visual force page ( i have a vf page for contacts).

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  4. social:profileViewer worked for my visualforce page.