Mar 2, 2015

Visualforce Code Generator - Coding Via Point And Click

First of all thank you so much for such a great response on my previous post of Visualforce Code Generator.

After receiving some great feedback from all of you and specially from Patt Peterson (Developer Evangelist Architect at Salesforce) we've done some enhancements in it. Now it will be way more easier for developers and admins who want to create Visualforce page without writing any code and just by points and clicks.

At many instances we've to create edit or detail page of our objects (custom or native) so we can override them with some of our enhancements included in it, and we (specially me) find this very tedious. So I've created a utility where you just need to follow the following steps :

1) Install our package from AppExchange

2) Open our app "Code Generator"

3) Click on Tab "Code Generator"

4) Select your object > Select record type for which you want to create the page > Then select layout (Edit or Detail) > Then give your page a Name > Then you have two options, either select all fields to get all fields on your page or select some of you want limited fields (please note mandatory fields will be checked default)

5) Once done click on "Proceed"

Now we are ready, as your visualforce page is inserted in your org. You can now go to Setup >  Build >  Develop >  Pages and change if you want.

See it's that simple to install and use. Really looking forward to your feedback on our AppExchange listing.

Happy coding with just "Point and Click"!!


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  2. its very useful ankit and how can i uninstall the previous one from my account ?.looking forwrd for ur coming concepts

  3. Any chance this will come to group edition?

  4. Any chance this will come to group edition?

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  6. This is pretty cool. Issue. I'm creating a case Visualforce page. We have the Internal Comment field on this page layout. I know it's not a standard field so it's not on the Case Fields, but it is available on the page layout. This is the Internal Comments field that after the case is saved, those notes are moved into Case Comments.
    Can this be added? I've tried a custom solution using DescribeLayouts, but it's not there either.

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  9. Pretty helpfull Ankit!
    I made a heroku app to do it too, if take a look

  10. I this is an awesome place to start.:)
    Check out the repo below: ↓

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