Aug 13, 2014

Not sure why you attend Dreamforce?

Dreamforce is on it's way, and we all are excited about it (me for sure). If you are still not sure you should attend Dreamforce then below is some awesome stuff which you'll be missing.

-> Best part is the DEV ZONE for developers like me, a lot of fun stuff there like super awesome breakout sessions, theaters and FREE books :-)

Along with this you will find these people walking around you and you can say HI! to them, April, Patt Peterson, Raja Rao, Kavindra Patel, Sandeep Bhanot (list is very very long, please forgive me if I've not written all the names as for that I'll need another blog post :-) )

-> Besides Dev Zone, most important part is the networking. You can meet people who are related to different area. Say if you are running your own business, you will get a change to connect with lot of ISVs or small/big company owners who can help you with your business. If you are emerging developer, then you can connect with Salesforce Developer Evangelists, Salesforce Developer Relationship Managers etc. Confused how to connect with them? Twitter is the best way to follow them and connect with them.

-> Some other benefits are you'll get to know about the latest trends and how world is growing with Salesforce. Say what's new with Salesforce1, what's new on mobile side and stuff. Superb keynote sessions, and our very own Marc Benioff's session and Q&A. Hands on training and code consulting session, again list is very long.

To know more visit this link

-> I'll also be speaking and my session is "FYFOF - Find Your Feet On", so if you are a beginner or want to learn how you can grow with Salesforce then I hope to see you in my session.

Don't worry about the long flight to SFO (if you are going from India) and expense as it's worth it. So be ready with your visa and book your tickets now before you are too late (Dreamforce 14 is between 13-16 Oct 2014)

Hope to see most of you at Dreamforce.