Dec 7, 2015

Briskminds - Product Development Outsourcing (PDO) Partners - Salesforce

Briskminds is PDO partners with Salesforce. What does PDO means? Salesforce has a program running with the name Product Development Outsourcing Partners which is independent from any other partner program.

Salesforce is more focused on customer success than any other thing, and to live up the expectation it's very important that their customers are not facing any issues in using Salesforce. Also if customers are looking for a product to be developed without having any intentions to hire a team then there must be a support system in place which can help them developing a product along with implementation and support. Here comes PDO partners, who help the eco-system adopt Salesforce.

There are around 20 PDO partners globally. Briskminds is engaged in this program from March 2015 and since then involved in multiple engagements. We've been working on several AppExcahnge listings which are about to go live soon and also giving support to multiple ISVs and SI partners for their existing implementations.

So what you'll get if you engage with a PDO partner :

1) Reliability on Intellectual Property side
2) No extra burden to manage a team
3) Deliveries on time
4) Verified source of engagement

Why you should get engaged with Briskminds?

1) Our team has Salesforce MVP and certified Developers/Admins
2) Dedicated resources for each customer so they always feel special
3) Very competitive prices compared to market
4) Flexible in following any process which make customer comfortable
5) Experts in domains like E-Commerce,Real Estate,Communities
6) Integration experts
7) To an extend work on customer's timings, so there is less time lag and more collaboration
8) We know the end to end process of building an app and take it to AppExchange
9) Good exposure to new features like Salesforce1, Lightning

So if you are running on another domain and want to switch to Salesforce feel free to get in touch with us. We will help you out with development as well as integration with your old domain to Salesforce.

Email : OR


Aug 26, 2015

Summer Of Trailhead - Jaipur Salesforce Developer Group

We've recently hosted an event which is organized by Salesforce globally and it was all about "Trailhead". First of all thank you so much everyone who attended the meeting and make it a big success. This time we've received maximum number of attendees ever in Jaipur DUG history. Yes! over 90 people attended and with full enthusiasm.

Those who were not able to attend here is the glance of what you've missed.

At the beginning we've organized a hands-on session on Trailhead where Gaurav Kheterpal explained how to get started and then all were supposed to complete one full trail.

Trust me many of them have done that in 15-20 mins.

It was time to award them :-)

After that Durgesh Dhoot done a fantastic job by demoing some awesome tools on SF which is very helpful to every developer. Here is the slidedeck from where you can get the links and take benefit out of it.

Followed by Abhinav Gupta who shared his experience using trailhead. It's not only for the developers to get started, but also helpful for the companies who are recruiting freshers and Trailhead can be used in interview process as well.

It was really a second perspective of looking at trailhead.

We then ended up having lunch along with beer :-)

Now we are again organizing an event where Salesforce is going to reveal something big, for which we are all waiting for. If you want to join us please click her and register yourself. It will be more awesome as it a late night event.

Stay tuned here for more updates on user group.

May 22, 2015

Girly Geeks - India

It's time to have geeky girls from India to show their skills and become a part of an awesome community. Women are growing their footprints in technology then why not get that effort be recognized globally?

Are you a Salesforce admin or expert? Then give us a chance to help you be involved in the community where we want some awesome people like you.

What is Girly Geeks?

The Girly Geeks were founded in 2010 by of Geraldine Gray, Principal at Endiem and Salesforce MVP, when she recognized that women attending Dreamforce needed a way to connect with other female attendees. Over 30 Girly Geeks chapters have formed around the world but there is none in India. Surprised?

The groups have become a place to find career advice, job opportunities, Salesforce tips, and friendship throughout the year. We call then #SuperGirls #SuperAdmins #WomenInPower

Why did you join Girly Geeks?

-> Female Leadership
-> Seeking & Cultivating – Professional Development
-> Diverse skillsets to learn from
-> Shared job opportunities
-> Networking opportunities – Mentorship
-> Career
-> Coaching

Other Benefits

-> Meet Salesforce Experts & Industry Leaders
-> Professional Development
-> Career Opportunities
-> Certifications
-> Mentoring

What Should YOU do to Get Involved with Girly Geeks!

We can help you start your own chapter in India, if you are interested then reach out to us at and I'll connect you to the concerned person.

Really looking forward to it!

Mar 18, 2015

Lightning Developer Week - Jaipur Developer User Group

Salesforce recently organized a global event Lightning Developer Week where over 80 user groups participated from all over the globe. Target was to make everyone (salesforce developer and admins) comfortable with Salesforce1 Lightning.

Salesforce1 Lightning lets everyone build apps very quickly and it's very easy, so it's helpful for not only developers but admins as well. Lightning delivers a framework and new set of tools by which anyone can build application quickly irrespective of the experience level.

Jaipur Developer User Group also participated in this global event. If you are not already a part of it, then do it right away to be updated with the latest news on events we organize in Jaipur.

It was a co-indecent that Lightning Week was going on and it was raining heavy in Jaipur, besides that around 60 developers show up which was beyond my expectations. Me as the organizer was very happy to see this enthusiasm of developers working in Jaipur. Not only Jaipur as few were from very far. We thank all who joined us and made this event a great success.

After the introductory session Bhawani Shankar Sharma gave presentation on Lightning Introduction. He explained the basic so well that every one was so happy after attending the session. It was like they are already Lightning experts.

After Bhawani, Gaurav Kheterpal took over and smashed away. He has a great quality of keeping the audience engaged in his session. He dived deep in Lightning and showed what exactly we can do with it.

Now it was too much of lightning (just kidding) so Abhinav Gupta ( MVP) was on stage speaking on how to build chrome extensions in Salesforce. He always speaks so polite and in simple language which makes easy for all to understand better. It was really an awesome session.

After all these awesome sessions, it was time for some good food and to say good bye :-)

Special thanks to April Kyle Nassi and Kavindra Patel as without their support it would never be possible.

To know more about Lightning visit here.


Mar 2, 2015

Visualforce Code Generator - Coding Via Point And Click

First of all thank you so much for such a great response on my previous post of Visualforce Code Generator.

After receiving some great feedback from all of you and specially from Patt Peterson (Developer Evangelist Architect at Salesforce) we've done some enhancements in it. Now it will be way more easier for developers and admins who want to create Visualforce page without writing any code and just by points and clicks.

At many instances we've to create edit or detail page of our objects (custom or native) so we can override them with some of our enhancements included in it, and we (specially me) find this very tedious. So I've created a utility where you just need to follow the following steps :

1) Install our package from AppExchange

2) Open our app "Code Generator"

3) Click on Tab "Code Generator"

4) Select your object > Select record type for which you want to create the page > Then select layout (Edit or Detail) > Then give your page a Name > Then you have two options, either select all fields to get all fields on your page or select some of you want limited fields (please note mandatory fields will be checked default)

5) Once done click on "Proceed"

Now we are ready, as your visualforce page is inserted in your org. You can now go to Setup >  Build >  Develop >  Pages and change if you want.

See it's that simple to install and use. Really looking forward to your feedback on our AppExchange listing.

Happy coding with just "Point and Click"!!

Feb 25, 2015

Salesforce Mobile SDK 3.1

Software Development Kit is typically a set of software development tools that allows the creation of applications for a certain software package, software framework, hardware platform, computer system, video game console, operating system, or similar development platform.

Salesforce recently launched Mobile SDK 3.1 which includes some upgrades and enhancements by which you can enhance your native and hybrid mobile applications. It's an open source pack of technologies like REST API and OAuth 2.0. As mentioned earlier it supports native and hybrid app development.

Here is the link where you will find most helpful resources to get started.

In a nutshell

-> CocoaPods for iOSYou can now use CocoaPods to merge Mobile SDK modules into your apps. No more tedious downloading, copying, and re-configuring. CocoaPods does it all for you.

-> Gradle for Native Android Apps : Android Studio and the Gradle build system are now fully supported for native apps.  Gradle support for hybrid apps will arrive after the next Cordova update.

-> iOS 7 is now the minimum OS version of iOS supported.

-> Raised the minimum Android OS version required by Mobile SDK to v4.2.2 (API 17).

->Supporting libraries upgraded to the latest versions

-> Flows to initiate authentication with an enterprise certificate

-> Unified SmartSync APIs (full offline support for application)

In case of queries and questions, feel free to reach out on discussion boards or StackExchange.


Feb 23, 2015

MailChimp Authentication In Salesforce - Easy Steps (Authentication Part 3)

I hope following post might have helped you in authentication:

So here is the third part of the series, authentication with MailChimp

The whole process of authentication with Mailchimp is divided into some simple steps :

Step 1:- First of all to authenticate with Mailchimp, you must have an account on Mailchimp if not then sign up here.

Step 2:- Now create an app by selecting your name under the logo and select account.

Step 3:- Here as you can see in the given image below, select registered app and register an app here.

Step 4:- Once you've entered the details for your Company and Application and saved them, your client_id and client_secret will be displayed at the bottom of the "edit" page for your application.

Note: - Keep in mind that Redirect Uri is the Uriof your page where you want to be redirected with the "code" parameter.

Step 5:- Now create an apex class and paste the below code in it.

 public string client_id = 'Your ClientId';
 public string client_secret = 'Your ClientSecret';
 public string authorize_uri = '';
 public string redirect_uri = '';
  authorize_uri = authorize_uri + '?response_type=code&client_id=' + client_id + '&redirect_uri=' + Encodingutil.urlEncode(redirect_uri , 'UTF-8');
PageReferencepg = newPageReference(authorize_uri) ;  
returnpg ;
  string code = ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('code') ;  
  HttpRequestreq = newHttpRequest();  
req.setHeader('content-type', 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'); 
req.setHeader('Accept', 'application/json'); 
        String messageBody = 'grant_type=authorization_code&client_id=' + client_id + '&client_secret=' + client_secret + '&code=' + code + '&redirect_uri=' + Encodingutil.urlEncode(redirect_uri , 'UTF-8');
req.setHeader('Content-length', String.valueOf(messageBody.length()));  

        Http h = newHttp();  
        String resp;  
HttpResponse res = h.send(req);  
resp = res.getBody(); 


Step 6:- Now create a visualforce page and paste the below code in it.


Step 7:- At last create a new remote site setting with value as below

-> Remote Site Name : MailChimp
-> Remote Site URL :
-> Active : True

I hope now you can manipulate the code according to the need. As these simple buttons on VFP shows you how to authenticate and get the access tokens.


Feb 6, 2015

Trailhead!! Developer Training Modules

Fantastic tool to make anyone comfortable with Salesforce. Are you new to Salesforce or searching for any topic in detail. Here you go.

Here you will find info specific to each topic and in detail. I would recommend all to go though this specially those who are thinking to give certification exams.

The only problem while registering is I was not able to associate my DE with trailhead because I've registered a namespace. So I created a new profile and completed some of the courses.

So steps are pretty simple

1) Go to this link

2) Select the module which you want to start with and then start your challenge.

Every time you complete a challenge you get points against it which is awesome. To get the points either you've to answer some questions which are related to the specific topic or you need to follow some instructions in your organisation.

Like recently two new modules have been added

Here explained all aspects of securing your data, like privacy of one's data from another. Or if records are visible to others they can't be edited. Or if can be edited then only few specific fields.

This excersise is super helpful for all those who are struggling with the sharing rules, permission sets etc..

Must read module specially for developers. This will help you better understand what you should follow while developing a functionality like first develop in sandbox, then deploy it to UAT/Testing org to make sure everything is working fine as generally UAT is full copy sandbox and exact replica of production. And then deploy it to production, this way you can ensure that your functionality is bulletproof and your production is safe to run on it.

These are just sample explanations, don't miss looking in all modules and many more are being added.


Feb 5, 2015

Image to PDF Converter in Salesforce

Okay, so this is one of my POCs I was doing recently where I need to convert an image to PDF. I can't disclose the full use case but hope it will help some.

So here is the solution in two simple steps :

1) First insert these three static resources (with the same names)

(i) Bootbox

2) Visualforce Page




(As it was just a POC so code is not clean yet, hope you can take care of that)

Okay so now all set to go, just hit the page and select any image you want to get converted in PDF. Multiple images can also be uploaded.