May 22, 2015

Girly Geeks - India

It's time to have geeky girls from India to show their skills and become a part of an awesome community. Women are growing their footprints in technology then why not get that effort be recognized globally?

Are you a Salesforce admin or expert? Then give us a chance to help you be involved in the community where we want some awesome people like you.

What is Girly Geeks?

The Girly Geeks were founded in 2010 by of Geraldine Gray, Principal at Endiem and Salesforce MVP, when she recognized that women attending Dreamforce needed a way to connect with other female attendees. Over 30 Girly Geeks chapters have formed around the world but there is none in India. Surprised?

The groups have become a place to find career advice, job opportunities, Salesforce tips, and friendship throughout the year. We call then #SuperGirls #SuperAdmins #WomenInPower

Why did you join Girly Geeks?

-> Female Leadership
-> Seeking & Cultivating – Professional Development
-> Diverse skillsets to learn from
-> Shared job opportunities
-> Networking opportunities – Mentorship
-> Career
-> Coaching

Other Benefits

-> Meet Salesforce Experts & Industry Leaders
-> Professional Development
-> Career Opportunities
-> Certifications
-> Mentoring

What Should YOU do to Get Involved with Girly Geeks!

We can help you start your own chapter in India, if you are interested then reach out to us at and I'll connect you to the concerned person.

Really looking forward to it!