Feb 22, 2016

Trailhead - Navigate the Salesforce Advantage

I think most of you (probably all) are aware of TRAILHEAD!! An awesome tool design by a great team of Salesforce to help new and experience developers. It helped me a lot to get over lightning concepts and I hope you must have your own favorite list.

For everyone who is getting started with Salesforce or planning to get started have a very common question what is Salesforce? Why we should start working on Salesforce? These are the points which were (YES! were) missing from Trailhead. Again thanks to Trailhead which Salesforce recently launched which is all about this. 

Due to this one can easily get better understanding of Salesforce and will sort out many puzzles which may be running from a long time in mind. As we are all aware that how easy is to use trailhead, so these new modules just add "Cherry on the Cake". In these modules you will find information related to every aspect of Salesforce whether it is their Service, Security or their core values. Now it is easy for me to train newbies who joins my company as fresher. It tool a lot of initial headache and made my life easy. Am pretty sure it will not take much time even if anyone who doesn't know about Salesforce goes through it.

Best part is the security, which is a big concern now a days (even from long). Salesforce has a lot of security protocols which ensures safety of your data. I think if I remember correctly not even Salesforce internal members can see your data until you authorize them to do so. Would like to add one more point here, that there is a link to create free developer account and more details about different modules including the newly added IOT cloud.

Reference: https://developer.salesforce.com/trailhead/trail/salesforce_advantage

Happy Trailhead!