Aug 23, 2012

Salesforce Platform Developer User Group

Recently Salesforce took an initiative to start developer user groups in India. The goal of developer user group program is to build an enthusiastic, self-sustaining community that enables members to be more successful with Salesforce, and helps to build an army of heroes willing to give testimony to success in the cloud.

Journey begins with New Delhi Salesforce Platform Developer Meetup where I was invited as a guest speaker. There I met "Kavindra Patel" who is behind all this, developer relationship manager at Salesforce. His mindset was very clear and focused on how to get the ball rolling.

I requested him to start a meetup in Jaipur and the immediate words from him was "Go Big". After New Delhi Salesforce organized Developer Hands-On Workshop in Hyderabad, Pune and Bangalore. From there Kavindra pick 8-9 leaders from different regions of India to start the Developer User Group. Here is the complete list, please join the group which is near to your place.

Now it's turn of Jaipur Salesforce Platform Developer User Group Meetup. Luckily am the leader of this group and would request all who are near by Jaipur to join this group. Our inaugural meeting is on 2nd Sept 2012, please RSVP here. There are some awesome technical sessions lined up like "Heroku, Ruby and Integration" and "Streaming APIs Working Demo". You can get the complete agenda from here. Also join us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Meetup for updates.

Thanks to Kavindra Patel and April Kyle Nassi who helped me to setup a meetup account and will be sending awesome goodies (Caps,T-Shirts,Books etc..) for Cloud Trivia.

Also would like to thank my speakers in inaugural meetup Amit Jain and Deepak Raj. They are also helping me to organize the event, and their contribution is appreciable.


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