Apr 30, 2013

How Can I Become A MVP (Force.com)

Recently my MVP title is renewed (Extra! Announcing our newest and renewed Force.com MVPs) and this question bothered many from time to time "How can I become a MVP"? 

Don't focus on how to become a MVP, focus only on the motive behind the program. It is stated that "Force.com MVP program recognizes outstanding contributors and technological leaders in the Force.com cloud platform ecosystems. Force.com MVPs are being called out for willingly sharing their expertise with others, demonstrating stewardship of the community in which they play an integral part, advancing the community body of knowledge and strengthening the developer network." 

Now there are multiple ways to do this, let's talk about some of them: 

1) Contribution via discussion boards, which is the heart of community. We've multiple discussion boards where you can share your knowledge with other community members.

2) Evangelism of the technology through independent publication such as blogs/whitepapers/FB Page 

3) Contribution to open sources. If you've ever thought about sharing some code samples or some big projects so don't let it be restricted to only your personal blogs. Make them live here:

4) Get Social and stay connected with other peers on social sites like

  • Twitter : Follow official accounts @forcedotcom @salesforce and use #askforce if you need any help or you want to help the community
  • Facebook : Like the official page and stay connected with the latest news and events
  • LinkedIn etc.

5) Participate as much as you can via attending live webinars (you can get the information from social sites or here), online events (where you get chance to win some cool stuff), online challenges like this 

6) Participate in local developer user group meetings. You can get the list of all developer user groups here.

7) Participate in big events like Dreamforce, Cloudstock etc.

List never ends and it's benefits too, like by doing all this

  • Your knowledge will be increased.
  • Your networking will be strong
  • Will be acknowledged globally
  • Significant increase in offers from companies
  • Domain will not be restricted any more
  • After actively participating in events your wardrobe will be full of some cool stuff like Jackets, T-Shirts, Caps, Bags, Trophies, Books, Hoodies

Above benefits are for sure, and if you are entitled as MVP then there are some additional benefits to above:

  • You'll get sponsored trips to SF for events like MVP Summit
  • You'll get free passes to Dreamforce
  • Highlighted community profile, (here is mine)
  • Early access to feature previews and releases, with direct feedback to the PMs on these products
  • Access to chatter groups where all MVPs jam together

I don't know where to stop...so now you have the links and I hope you know what to do. GOOD LUCK!

Make our community rock!!


  1. Congrats!
    Ahh lot of hardwork involved... am out :P

  2. inspired me! have to do lot more. thnx n congrats!

  3. That's evangelist we are looking for~Good Job!

  4. Thanks for sharing roadmap of MVP.
    Is there any SalesForce user group in Gujarat?

  5. Thank You very much Ankit Arora.This post is really helpful to all.

  6. Interesting summary. But it doesn't state how to apply. Do we have to apply, or do they find you?

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