Dec 7, 2015

Briskminds - Product Development Outsourcing (PDO) Partners - Salesforce

Briskminds is PDO partners with Salesforce. What does PDO means? Salesforce has a program running with the name Product Development Outsourcing Partners which is independent from any other partner program.

Salesforce is more focused on customer success than any other thing, and to live up the expectation it's very important that their customers are not facing any issues in using Salesforce. Also if customers are looking for a product to be developed without having any intentions to hire a team then there must be a support system in place which can help them developing a product along with implementation and support. Here comes PDO partners, who help the eco-system adopt Salesforce.

There are around 20 PDO partners globally. Briskminds is engaged in this program from March 2015 and since then involved in multiple engagements. We've been working on several AppExcahnge listings which are about to go live soon and also giving support to multiple ISVs and SI partners for their existing implementations.

So what you'll get if you engage with a PDO partner :

1) Reliability on Intellectual Property side
2) No extra burden to manage a team
3) Deliveries on time
4) Verified source of engagement

Why you should get engaged with Briskminds?

1) Our team has Salesforce MVP and certified Developers/Admins
2) Dedicated resources for each customer so they always feel special
3) Very competitive prices compared to market
4) Flexible in following any process which make customer comfortable
5) Experts in domains like E-Commerce,Real Estate,Communities
6) Integration experts
7) To an extend work on customer's timings, so there is less time lag and more collaboration
8) We know the end to end process of building an app and take it to AppExchange
9) Good exposure to new features like Salesforce1, Lightning

So if you are running on another domain and want to switch to Salesforce feel free to get in touch with us. We will help you out with development as well as integration with your old domain to Salesforce.

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